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We believe good design is good business.
That's why we work passionately to develop the most effective strategy with each unique client. The businesses we work with range from an international micro-financing firm to a local organic gourmet bakery. We build relationships founded on our belief that we can better our world through design. We take pride in helping sustainable, natural, and local businesses create their own visual voice.


Branding: Identity systems and strategic delevopment
Print: Books, brochures, posters, newsletters
Web & Blog: Design and development

Principal Leslie Anne Charles has been working in the graphic design field since 1994. Her career began at the ad agency of Foote, Cone and Belding amidst the skyscrapers of New York's 42nd Street. In the mid '90s she returned to her San Francisco homeland and spent the next 6 years developing award winning designs with Elixir Design and Barbara Vick Design while simultaneously acheiving highest honors at the California College of the Arts. Leslie and her family then relocated to the hills of western Massachusetts — affectionately known here as the "Hilltowns".

She is currently directing her own design firm, where sophisticated design and technical expertise join seamlessly with her interests in the environment and nature.




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